Privacy Policy

Website Privacy

The Northern Virginia Science Center and its Foundation are committed to protecting your privacy. The Northern Virginia Science Center Foundation maintains a database of names and addresses of those persons who have provided financial support through membership or donations, or have indicated an interest in our programming or activities. Among the information we gather are your name, street and e-mail addresses, billing information, click through activity, and other personal information you may provide on our website. From time to time, newsletters, requests for membership, or requests for financial support are mailed to persons on this list. Please read on for more details about our privacy policy.

Information Collection

Should you decide to make a donation, you will be asked to provide your name, contact information, and credit card billing information. All of this information is encrypted using SSL, an industry standard secure technology. This encryption is designed to prevent the theft or interception of the information you provide. SSL encryption is indicated on your Web browser by the display of a lock or key on the browser status bar.

Email Addresses

The Website collects your email address for the purpose of sending donation or membership confirmations and communicating with you as a supporter of the Northern Virginia Science Center.  The Foundation will not disclose, sell, trade, rent, or otherwise reveal your email address to any entity.


The Northern Virginia Science Center Foundation does not store credit card numbers after processing them. All donor information that is retained is stored on servers that are kept in a physically secure environment with strict policies that minimize staff access to the information contained therein.

Mailing List Privacy

The Northern Virginia Science Center Foundation does not sell, share or rent your information to for-profit organizations, although postal address lists are occasionally exchanged with other local non-profits.

Questions about our Policies?

If you:

  • have a question about our privacy policies,
  • wish to review or correct personal information,
  • wish to be removed from our mailing or email lists,
  • or wish to be listed anonymously on our publications,

Please contact the Northern Virginia Science Center Foundation.