Northern Virginia Science Center Hosts Birds of a Feather Event to Foster Enviornmental Education Partnerships


March 23, 2023

This Spring, the Northern Virginia Science Center Foundation hosted Birds of a Feather, an event to engage with community organizations focused on wildlife and environmental education and share information about the future science center and the surrounding stream-valley parklands at Kincora. The program included a fly-through video of the future science center and in-depth overview of the Habitat exhibition as well as an awe-inspiring view of the region’s largest heron rookery from the rooftop terrace at the Jameson at Kincora.

“It was thrilling to connect withothers from diverse community organizations who share a passion for conservation and are equally as excited about the natural wonder of a Blue Heron rookery located literally in the backyard of the Northern Virginia Science Center. The communal nesting site was the perfect metaphor for the rich collaborations that were initiated at this wonderful event,” said Dr. CarleyFisher-Maltese, a professor at George Mason University.

As part of the event, the Science Center launched an open-source community photo library of nature and wildlife photographs. Community members are encouraged to submit their nature photographs for consideration for use in the Habitat exhibition, one of five expansive exhibitions being planned for the science center. Habitat will offer a wide range of interactive experiences that invite guests to discover how we are not apart from nature, but a part of nature.

The Science Center is committed to fostering a strong sense of community and delivering our mission incollaboration with individuals and groups who love science and conservation.