Kuo Family Element Partnership


April 12, 2024

Lifelong supporters of science centers and museums, Tim and Ann Kuo first found out about the Northern Virginia Science Center when their daughter enthusiastically told them about it. They’ve been supporters ever since and are proud to join the Northern Virginia Science Center Foundation’s Launch the Future campaign as Element Partners. “If we can bring knowledge to people, that can only help us as a community and as a nation,” Tim shared.

In appreciation of their support, the Kuos will be honored on element number 1, hydrogen (H), on the interactive periodic table installation in the future Northern Virginia Science Center entrance hall. There could be no more appropriate element for two engineers than hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe.

Tim and Ann Kuo join more than 25 other Element Partners who have prioritized the future of equitable, interactive STEM education for all ages in our region. Thank you to Tim and Ann, and to all supporters, for their commitment to the Northern Virginia Science Center.