A Closer Look at the Habitat Exhibition in the Bolos-Powell Family Gallery


June 20, 2023

The Northern Virginia Science Centeris pushing the boundaries of traditional science center design with an extraordinary array of exhibitions featuring broad, compelling and surprising themes. Each exhibition, Flow, Helios, Wonder, Human and Habitat, offers a distinct and captivating experience, inviting guests to explore the wonders of the world in unexpected ways.

Diving into the intersection of human and natural design, Habitat will showcase how we as humans are not apart from nature, but a part of nature, encouraging all to embrace our shared habitat. This exhibition, housed in the newly named Bolos-Powell Family Gallery, features hands-on activities tied to sustainable practices, encounters with live animals, innovative, interactive digital media displays, and direct sightlines and access to natural parkland surrounding the Science Center. The gallery itself is designed to immerse visitors in natural light, with floor to ceiling windows that merge the interior with the exterior.

Habitat serves as a bridge between the Science Center and its natural surroundings. Its exhibits foster a sense of connection with the local ecosystem, encouraging guests to explore the natural world around them during their visit and in their everyday lives. The location of the science center within the Kincora development allows for a seamless integration of the Science Center with its surrounding environment. Situated along the Broad Run Stream Valley, the Science Center will have access to acres of parkland and miles of trails, offering guests a remarkable vantage point to observe one of the largest heron rookeries in the Mid-Atlantic region.

One of the highlights of the Habitat exhibition is an idea originally envisioned by children during the masterplanning process… the opportunity to climb into a life-sized heron nest! These nests, spanning over four feet in diameter, provide an immersive experience that allows guests to appreciate the scale of the remarkable structures while learning about the habits and migration patterns of herons themselves. This and many more experiences in Habitat will raise awareness of the importance of preserving the natural habitats across Northern Virginia and well beyond.

We are grateful to the Launchthe Future campaign supporters who are making Habitat possible including our newest Title Partner, Michele Bolos, Chris Powell and their family, as well as our Founding Partner, the Alloy Family Foundation, for their support of the Rain Wall experience.